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Waking Up On the Other Side of Armaggedon

It’s 9:28 AM as I write this. Tuesday, October 30th, 2012. I’m on my couch right now, writing this on my iPad. No real reason. Sandy hit New Jersey and New York yesterday, and because she was a mean, huge bitch, hit Southeastern Massachusetts. Luckily, where I live, we’re fine. We lost power for about 30 seconds yesterday. That was it. For us. Right here. Others in my area I know weren’t as lucky.

I’ve seen some news this morning. Sandy killed 16 people yesterday in the US, 85 all together. Locally, we didn’t seem to get hit as hard as had been feared, but we still got hit. There was damage and power went out for people. The local newspaper says that some are still without power locally.

Being a teacher by day, I have my second day off, which I don’t mind. It allows me to work on the book, be with my wife, who has just begun her maternity leave, and just relax a bit. Tomorrow will be back to business until the baby decides to arrive.

Today I will also think about those hurt and killed south of us, and those still being effected by Sandy today. I will think about those locally who have sustained damage and still have no power.

Some of us got through this easily enough, but not everyone did.

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