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It’s Not You, It’s Me

Imagine my surprise when I saw I hadn’t posted here since last May. I thought for sure that I’d made posts that were crossovers with my Patreon page since then, but the proof is in front of me. I’ve been pretty terrible about blog posts in general, here and on Patreon. As a teacher, once the school year starts, my writing time seems to be focused primarily on the main project at hand. In my case, I started a second middle grade space adventure novel, and revised the first one. I also finished the first draft of an adult horror novel last year, and was marketing Echoes on the Pond. So I’ve been busy. And I’ve occasionally posted on my Patreon page for subscribers. It’s just…I’m really bad at it.

And now…


Well…I have some time. When Genevieve isn’t using this computer for school-related stuff, and when I’m not using the computer for school-related stuff, I have time to post.

With the quarantines for Covid-19 in full bloom, I realized that I can use this time and catch up on writing. I may need to. People will always need to read, right? Anyway, I’m taking this one day–one post–as a time. I’ll probably post to Patreon more than here, but will try–when appropriate–to cross-post.

Anyway, stay safe out there. I hope to see you ’round.

EBooks & Radio Nowhere


Spring is here and here in Southeastern Massachusetts, this past week has been a picture of the new season. Temperatures have been in the high 30s and low 40s, and we even had a small snowstorm. Glorious, really. But true sunshine and warmth came this week with the announcement that my novella Shadowed has been released in ebook. It’s available in formats for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, and many other devices, including your computer. So if you haven’t ordered the signed, limited edition mini-hardcover, or if you’ve ordered the handsome collectible hardcover and don’t want to sully it by actually reading it (which is silly, because it’s, you know, a book and all), you have a nice digitized version to read.

Alice on the Shelf is still available in its trade paperback format as well as an ebook format. I strongly urge you to get the paperback because, truthfully, I think it’s a beautifully laid-out paperback, but if you’re into the book being easy to store and easy to carry, the ebook is fine, too.

Radio Nowhere

So, last Saturday night I was sitting on the couch half-comatose. Read the rest of this entry

Get Shadowed

So the news I mentioned last month is that my novella Shadowed will be published by Delirium Books in March 2011. I have added a Shadowed page to the site with some behind-the-scene information.

Shadowed will be published as part of Delirium’s novella line and will be limited to 150 signed/numbered mini-hardcovers. The great cover is by Daniele Serra, who has done the art for many books for Delirium. Check out his site.

Pre-orders will begin on January 4th, 2011, so this is a great way to spend gift money. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this book. Delirium has done some great books in the past and I’m honored to be part of their list.

Some News…Kinda

About a month ago, an opportunity arrived in my e-mail. I had about two weeks to do work that normally would’ve taken a month or more. I took the opportunity. Two weeks after I submitted the novella (one of the ones mentioned in my last post), I received an offer on it.

I’m going to hold back on the official announcement until the publisher has announced it, but 2011 looks like a busy publishing year so far.

So please keep checking back for more news and updates.

Not Abandoned

Once I got this site up and running, I began working on another that I referenced in the first post here. I’m not quite ready to go “live” with it yet, but you’ll know when it is live.

I didn’t get to experience as much of Necon as I would have liked (three panels on Friday only) because I wasn’t feeling well and left. Maybe next year….

I’ve begun planning something for the Special Content tab above, so stay tuned.

I began a short story the other day, we’ll see where that goes.

I’m reading Justin Cronin’s The Passage and am enjoying the hell out of it.

Talk to you later.

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